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4 Personalisation Tactics Air New Zealand use to differentiate a commodity product

Flights are a commodity product where most airlines compete on price, then try and upsell during the experience or downgrade the economy experience so you are incentivised to upsell the experience yourself. Whether it be luggage weight add-on’s, … [Read more]

2015 Digital Marketing – Your 14 Point Business Owners Guide

In 2015, the gaps between those who have invested in a digital first approach to business and those who have not, will continue to gather pace. The following is a guide for New Zealand business owners that looks back on 2014 and makes recommendations … [Read more]

Optimise your social marketing with branded link wrappers

As more and more of social networking becomes a pay to play platform, posts must be optimised to maximise the opportunity to generate click through and conversion. In this article we cover why generic links aren't optimal for click through, and the … [Read more]

Google Penguin 3.0 update – will it affect your eCommerce business?

Google first released a search update called “Penguin” just over two years ago in April 2012. It penalised sites that were building links ‘unnaturally’. To create a link from an external site to your ecommerce site unnaturally is simple to do, you … [Read more]

Is your business ready for the .NZ domain launch Tuesday 30th Sep?

A new .NZ domain becomes available on Tuesday 30th September. For ecommerce businesses currently trading with a, the new .NZ brings up a few things to consider. Here's everything you need to know. .NZ Branding Considerations If you have a … [Read more]

Why Facebook didn’t tell business owners about the 20% Rule

You've heard of the 80:20 rule right? Well, this is a little more detail on the 20% part for businesses promoting posts on Facebook. Without adhering to this rule, you can't promote posts and that is kinda important now that less than 8% of fans will … [Read more]

5 questions that help you avoid bad search marketing advice

Getting the wrong digital advice can have disastrous consequences for your business. Imagine you own and now you’ve decided to proactively work to maintain and grow your search ranking for the topics that are meaningful to … [Read more]