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Why Facebook didn’t tell business owners about the 20% Rule

You've heard of the 80:20 rule right? Well, this is a little more detail on the 20% part for businesses promoting posts on Facebook. Without adhering to this rule, you can't promote posts and that is kinda important now that less than 8% of fans will … [Read more]

5 questions that help you avoid bad search marketing advice

Getting the wrong digital advice can have disastrous consequences for your business. Imagine you own and now you’ve decided to proactively work to maintain and grow your search ranking for the topics that are meaningful to … [Read more]

Where should Napier’s next Marketing Manager take retailing?

I don't know, but here's a few places to start removing constraints holding back Napier retailers. No I don't want the job, but happy to help for a city that is overrepresented by 'For Lease' signs. Recommendation for where i live from … [Read more]

Dude… where’s my ranking?

Recently I heard a story of a business that had years of hard work undone by the unscrupulous work of an agency who didn't really know what they were doing. They were doing "Old SEO" and attracted a manual Google Spam Penalty that saw their rankings … [Read more]

Why SMS matters more now than before social media

SMS is the connective tissue of multi channel marketing muscle. Often forgotten, unseen and less showy than the muscle it drives, SMS is the connective tissue of muti-channel marketing. So what changed? Communicating got hard Many channels require … [Read more]

How to backup your MacbookPro

There are two methods to ensuring you never lose the things that make up your digital life. A) Backup your MacBookPro B) Hope you never lose, drop or delete things on your computer. The second option requires no effort, just a little hope. … [Read more]

Buy Local v Buy Lazy – The next eCommerce frontier

I used to pride myself on buying local. Now, I Buy Lazy. If local retailers are the lazy purchase option, it's a win win. Google preferences locally based retailers selling products online, so it’s never been easier to browse and find what you’re … [Read more]