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How retailers can ride the New Zealand growth curve in 2014

New Zealand is poised for the most substantial growth in gross domestic product (GDP) since 2007. Unfortunately, unlike previous emergence from economic troughs, the marketing fundamentals that greet retailers this time around are very different as … [Read more]

Old advice is bad for your ecommerce health

Yesterday, I found a shockingly out-of-date article on site optimisation by a well known NZ domain name provider. It's increasingly easy to be misled by incorrect advice, as the pace of evolution in ecommerce and search happens at a blistering pace. … [Read more]

2014 Digital Marketing Picks

Here's my digital marketing picks for what business marketing should be focussing more on in 2014 how to adapt to tectonics digital landscape shifts of 2013. If you're interested in learning where to focus your search, social, email and web … [Read more]

Manage time and relationships more effectively in 2014

Relationships are at the heart of every quality business, yet the tools we use to manage key relationships are sometimes ad-hoc at best. The native contact, calendar and mail apps that come with iPhones aren't as good as some of the others out there … [Read more]

Digital commerce vs brick and mortar – who’s winning

Christmas is a time when ecommerce sites see their traffic rise exponentially and sales along with it. It's the time when all that investment throughout the year in community building and content creation pays off and it's exciting to be part … [Read more]

Kevin Rolens – National Manager Petroleum and Minerals

These are my notes from the Hawke’s Bay Oil and Gas Symposium. Kevin Rolens - National Manager Petroleum, New Zealand Petroleums and Minerals About us, the legislations reforms, the 2014 Block Offer and timetable, and our engagement … [Read more]

Wayne Wright – Manager Resource Use and Dougal Gordon Principal Scientist – Groundwater

These are my notes from the Hawke's Bay Oil and Gas Symposium. Wayne Wright - Manager Resource Use Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and Dougall Gordon Principal Scientist Wayne Wright - is the compliance and enforcement manager for pollution … [Read more]